Matt Donaher

Saw Joyce Manor tonight at Rough Trade Records NYC. Great show. Their new album, Never Hungover Again is so good! Scoop it up.

Mix 12 starring Steve Martin. Take a listen.

Your "gearing up" for Vol. 2 of Sex Criminals will last a very long time because it's not out next month. Issue #7 is out next month.

Ah, thanks for the note. I actually went to go back to the pre-order page on Amazon about an hour ago and it was taken down. Guess I’ve got some waitin’ to do. 

Judah Friedlander

I think Judah is one of the best stand up comedians working today. His crowd work is impeccable and he is a sharp, concise joke writer. Every time I see him, I think he is the complete package in terms of stand up comedy.

Stand-up Comedy from Judah Friedlander

Sex Criminals is great. Can’t wait until volume 2 comes out.

Lots of good recent late night sets.